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Bankoteka - The NBP Money Centre Magazine

09 Luty 2021

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Bankoteka is a magazine which has accompanied the establishment of the Sławomir S. Skrzypek NBP Money Centre for several years. Its first task was to report on the progress of work on the facility and bring the idea of its creation closer to visitors via interviews with the authors of the substantive
and artistic concept and statements of experts cooperating with NBP in designing the exhibition space. The most interesting exhibits, which can currently be seen in the NBP Money Centre, were also presented in Bankoteka. The magazine also unveiled the architectural backstage of the emerging Money Centre,
publishing visualizations and photos from the implementation of subsequent stages of the works.

So far, thirty issues of Bankoteka have appeared in Polish, English and Russian versions. Three issues of the magazine were devoted to the subject of temporary exhibitions prepared in the hall of the NBP Regional Branch in Warsaw – on the history of Polish and American central banking, the reforms of
Władysław Grabski, and the wartime fate of the gold reserves of Bank Polski. The last special issue of Bankoteka was devoted to the exhibition “The history of money”.

Archive issues of Bankoteka can be downloaded as a PDF after clicking on the images below.

Bankoteka - wydanie specjalneBankoteka 14Bankoteka 13Bankoteka 12Bankoteka 11Bankoteka 10Bankoteka 9Bankoteka 8Bankoteka 7Bankoteka 6Bankoteka 5Bankoteka 4Bankoteka 3Bankoteka 2Bankoteka 1