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Donation machine – financial donations in the era of modern electronic payments

22 Sierpień 2022

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In the NBP Money Centre, a model donation machine, that is a self-service electronic device which serves making cashless donations (charity payments and financial offerings for specific purposes), has appeared in the Modern payment systems room, next to the ATM.

Donation machines, also known as giving kiosks or donation kiosks, more and more often serve to help public benefit organisations and charity organisations. They allow the user to make charitable payments and donations for a specified purpose in a fast, safe and innovative way. Transactions are carried out using the proximity functions available in payment cards, phones or mobile devices equipped with the payment function.

The donation machine exhibited in the NBP Money Centre gives you the possibility to test the functionalities of the device and the way it operates, as well as to get to know the concept of this, and similar automated solutions, which are becoming increasingly common in many public benefit organisations, churches and other public places, such as airport customer service zones and hospitals.

The device is a true copy of the standard model donation machine, and also performs an education function – just like the ATM model it is located next to. The donation machine is available in the Modern payment systems room, and gives you the opportunity to:

  1. get to know the way it operates and to make a charity payment simulation;
  2. watch a slide show displayed on the screen, which explains how the donation machine operates and what its purpose is.

We invite you to test the donation machine in the NBP Money Centre.

NBP Money Centre Team