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“European Night of Museums 2024” – thank you for visiting!

24 Maj 2024

Brak tytułu

Brak krótkiego opisu

This year’s edition of the Night of Museums at Narodowy Bank Polski is over. We received nearly 700 visitors.

On this occasion we prepared numerous attractions for our visitors. A unique exhibit –  the 14th-century grosz of Casimir the Great, acquired for the NBP Money Centre collection in 2023 – was put on display for the first time. The coin is an important element of Poland’s numismatic heritage, bearing witness to the former economic and cultural power of the country.

Visitors also had the opportunity to see the numismatic exhibition of banknotes and coins, illustrating the 100-year history of the złoty and presenting essential information on the establishment of Bank Polski SA in 1924. In addition, we exhibited a collection of unique gold numismatic items, gold bars and valuables which belonged to the National Defence Fund (FON) and is the only part of the former treasure of the Fund to have survived until today.

If you could not be there during the Night of the Museums, all is not lost. The Kraków grosz, the FON gold stock and the exhibition prepared for the 100th anniversary of the establishment of Bank Polski SA and putting the złoty into circulation are still on display at the NBP Money Centre.

We look forward to seeing you at the Centre!

NBP Money Centre Team