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Visitors’ frequently asked questions

09 Luty 2021

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  • It will be the first time we visit the NBP Money Centre. What is worth choosing for a start?
  • Individuals can visit the Centre on their own, with interactive maps (tablets) for families, or use audio-guides. The guide at the reception will provide you with all information on how to visit the NBP Money Centre. This information is also available under the tab Education on the website For a start, school groups will be offered to participate in interactive classes conducted by a guide or in a guided general tour. As a next step, we recommend taking part in workshops, which are held in the educational room. Information on our offer can be found on the website.

  • What forms of visiting the NBP Money Centre are available for families?
  • The following forms of visiting are offered at the NBP Money Centre:

    - individual visits of up to 9   persons;

    - a family groups or workshops;

    - visiting with interactive maps (tablets) for families;

    - visiting with audio-guides with a special programme for families.

  • How long does it take to tour the Centre with an audio-guide?
  • It usually takes an hour or an hour and a half.

  • In what languages are audio-guides available?
  • In Polish, English, Russian and French .

  • Can we come to tour the NBP Money Centre with a child in a pushchair? Can we leave it somewhere?
  • Yes. You can come to the NBP Money Centre with a child in a pushchair. It can be left at the reception or you can tour the exhibition with the child in the pushchair.

  • Will a four-year old child find a tour at the NBP Money Centre attractive?
  • The educational paths are intended for children aged 6 years. However, the NBP Money Centre offers a number of exhibits and multimedia which are also attractive for younger children.

  • I want to tour the NBP Money Centre with a family. Can we do it with a guide?
  • Groups of more than 9 persons can tour the Centre with a guide. If the number of persons is fewer than 10, the Centre can be toured individually.

  • Can the NBP Money Centre be toured without prior reservation?
  • Yes. Up to 9 persons who wish to tour the Centre individually can do so without prior reservation. If the maximum number of persons tour the exhibition, such a group is allowed inside provided that free places are available.

  • When is booking required?
  • Booking is required for groups of over 9 persons. Reservations can only be made via online form on the NBP Money Center website .

  • Can a group sign up for several classes?
  • We do not recommend signing up for several classes on the same day, but it is possible to do so at time intervals.

  • How many persons can a group wishing to make a booking for classes have?
  • A group can have from 10 to up to 25 persons. For safety reasons, during the hour we can accept two such groups (provided that there are time slots available).

  • Is the thematic scope of classes for organized groups repeated?
  • No. The scope is different. In addition, classes are matched to the age of visitors. You are asked to read the detailed offer of classes and workshops under the tab Education on our website

  • Why can groups have a maximum 25 persons?
  • To ensure comfort during the tour and make the most of a guided class, a group cannot have more than 25 persons. During the hour, we can accept two such groups. However, it should be kept in mind that in line with the Rules and Regulations and the security requirements, the exhibition can be visited by a limited number of people.

  • Is there a cloakroom on the NBP Money Centre premises?
  • Yes. There is a cloakroom in the facility. Visitors may collect locker keys to leave their valuable belongings in lockers. Bags or backpacks must be left in the cloakroom or in lockers for the duration of the exhibition tour.

  • Do children have to change footwear?
  • No. It is not necessary.

  • Are guide dogs allowed on the NBP Money Centre premises?
  • Yes. Visitors can be accompanied by guide dogs on the facility premises. Assistant dogs for the disabled are also allowed on the premises.

  • Is the facility adapted to the needs of disabled people?
  • The NBP Money Centre is fitted with lifts for wheelchairs and an elevator. Persons using electric wheelchairs and persons using wheelchairs that are designed to stabilize the back and the head are requested to report their visit to get assistance in accessing the facility. For more detailed questions and for group tours, please call the NBP Money Centre. We will be better prepared to help you if we know your needs. There is a toilet for persons with disabilities on the NBP Money Centre premises.

  • Is a tour of the NBP Money Centre free of charge?
  • Yes. Classes, workshops and guided general tours are free.

  • Does the NBP Money Centre take part in the Night of Museums?
  • Yes. The facility participates annually in the event.

  • Is there a food court in the NBP Money Centre?
  • No, there isn’t. Food and drinks are also forbidden in the exhibition area. Vending machines with still mineral water are available at all levels of the exhibition area. Mineral water can be consumed in the vicinity of the vending machine.

  • Can we buy souvenirs in the NBP Money Centre?
  • The shop in the NBP Money Centre sells collector items, including some collector coins and banknotes issued by Narodowy Bank Polski.

  • Is it permitted to take photos on the premises of the NBP Money Centre?
  • Yes, it is. However, no flash or tripod can be used.

  • Can we park a car or a coach near the NBP Money Centre?
  • The NBP Money Centre is in the very centre of Warsaw. There are few parking spaces for cars near the facility.

    There are no parking spaces for coaches near the facility. The list of parking spaces for coaches is available on the website of the Municipal Roads Authority in Warsaw at

  • How much are the charges during parking hours?
  • The centre of Warsaw is a paid parking zone from Monday to Friday (from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.). On Saturdays, Sundays and on holidays parking is free of charge. For detailed information on the parking charges, visit the website of the Municipal Roads Authority in Warsaw at