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Ring for contactless payments – new exhibit in the NBP Money Centre

31 Maj 2021

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In the Sławomir S. Skrzypek NBP Money Centre from 11 May it will be possible to see a new exhibit – a smart ring for contactless payments.

NFC / ID / IC Smart Ring JAKCOM R4 (size 12) is a portable electronic device with advanced mobile components. The ring combines the features of a mobile device, such as the possibility to make payments and restrict access controls, with innovative functions useful for mobile or manual use, such as gesture control and activity tracking.

The ring is part of the trend in the development of so-called wearables, i.e. items of clothing and jewellery equipped with NFC technology connected to a financial product (account, card, electronic wallet), enabling cashless payments.

The new exhibit is part of the project “Modern finance in the NBP Money Centre”, which has been implemented since 2019, under which the exhibition, narrative and curriculum are supplemented with information on the latest trends and technologies in the financial market.

The ring for contactless payments can be seen in the room Modern Payment Systems.

(NBP Money Centre)

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